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Foster Families
Foster children have a right to a safe, secure, nurturing, and permanent family.

Our commitment for all foster youth is that they have:

Because foster children have been removed from their homes, for no fault of their own, we have a duty to ensure that they receive the "highest quality of care."

When it comes to working with abused, neglected, abandoned, traumatized children, LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH. It’s absolutely necessary, but Foster/Adopt/Kinship parents need training, support, and supervision to help them understand and deal with the behavioral symptoms of loss and pain which will inevitably surface.

PYI provides practical training workshops for Foster/Adopt/Kinship parents to help them create a helping environment, understand the impact of trauma, learn to manage behaviors positively and deal with crisis situations.

Our goal is to help parents know “What to Say” and “What to Do” when a child’s pain based behaviors surfaces. We believe that a child needs someone who can respond to their pain instead of react to their behaviors. Our training program teaches positive discipline so that children can be held accountable, while being respected and supported.

PYI also provides training for Social Workers and Case Managers responsible for the support and supervision of children in out of home placement.

Our goal is to help case managers learn to be supportive while also feeling comfortable in addressing problems in the foster home, and/or with the foster parent.

A good working relationship between the case manager and foster parents is essential, and even when problems arise, the foster parent will need to be treated with the same respect and regard as the child in their care.

PYI can assist foster family agencies to develop on-going orientation, training and supervision programs.