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Home-Based Services

Home based services have increased significantly, in the last few years, as a means to not only reduce the number of out of home placements, but to also provide transitional services for youth leaving placement and returning to their communities.

In home service workers face unique challenges when walking into a home that may be disorganized, dysfunctional, or in crisis. In Home programs can be even more challenging when services are limited to a specific time period and/or when in home workers have limited family counseling experience.

Even when voluntarily requested by the family, the worker must know how to deal with the potential reluctance and/or resistance of family members to accept the support, counseling, and recommendations that are offered.

PYI trainings will assist home based providers by providing a structured format for enlisting the family’s support from the first contact. Families need to feel like partners in the process, and PYI teaches specific strategies to engage the family, learn how to confront problem situations, and teach collaborative problem solving skills.