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Juvenile Justice
Troubled Youth who are at War with Others, are Never at Peace with Themselves.


Youthful Offenders are often the victims of abuse, neglect, and trauma.

Childhood abuse and neglect is the most damaging trauma, and if these youth’s own losses are not recognized and addressed, and as a self-protective mechanism they become numb to their own losses, then they can feel nothing for the losses of others.

Destructive anger and rage typically derive from a history of witnessing or suffering violence.

Due to their underlying personal histories, official punishments(custody, probation, boot camps, etc), are often not effective.
  • Many youthful offenders need intensive treatment
  • Many youthful offenders are resistant to traditional mental health services
Positive Youth Interventions offers probation staff the cognitive behavioral strategies and interventions that not only holds youth accountable for their actions, but also helps them gain insight into their self-defeating pattern of thinking and behaving.
  • Self-Serving attitudes, values, and beliefs that neutralize and minimize their aggressive behaviors
  • Lack of empathy and normal feelings for others/property
  • Extreme Narcissism
  • Impulsive behaviors

As experts in residential treatment, PYI can advise and consult with probation departments about incorporating therapeutic programming as an integral part of juvenile incarceration and/or placement.