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Safe Schools
All Children have the Right to Feel Safe in their School

Every day, our schools have students who arrive loaded with active and unresolved interpersonal conflicts related to family, death, divorce, abuse, neglect, gangs, guns, and victimization. These students are unable to leave their personal problems behind, and instead, carry them into the halls and classrooms. They are so flooded by their consuming thoughts of anger, fear, anxiety, depression, and revenge, that some of them cannot concentrate on their classroom assignments, accept reasonable staff directions, or tolerate even the slightest peer teasing.


PYI focuses on two major goals:

  • To guarantee the physical and psychological safety of all students

    No student should be afraid of going to school for fear of being harassed or degraded, and no parent should have to worry about such things happening to his or her child.

  • To enhance staff membersí competencies in working with troubled or at risk students

    Management begins with us, not the students, and school staff need effective strategies to deal with aggressive, depressed, anxious, and/or withdrawn students.
PYI offers a three level training approach for schools
  • Level I - School wide training for basic skills in understanding and connecting with troubled students
  • Level II - Early Intervention techniques for identifying, intervening, and managing surface behaviors of troubled students.
  • Level III - Advanced Reclaiming Strategies for dealing with crisis, and working with our most difficult and challenging students.